How to Avoid CRYPTOCURRENCY Scams On YouTube

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Just about yesterday I saw something that shocked me and I think we all need to be away of that.

“LiteCoin are continuing to be key player in blockchain system, we have committed a total of 50,000 LTC to giveaway to our fans.

In order to be eligible, users must have minimum 5 LTC during the competition period.

Competition rules: TO participate you just need to send between 5 LTC to 1000 LTC to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back between 50 CTC to 10000 LTC to the address you sent it from (Your deposit multiplied by 10)

If you send 5 LTC, you will be airdropped SO LTC back.

You send 20 LTC, you will be airdropped 200 LTC back, 10% bonus If you send 50 LTC.

You will be airdropped 500 back 20% bonus

If you send 100 LTC, you be airdropped 1 LTC back, 30% bonus

If you send 5OO LTC, you be 5000 LTC back 50% bonus”

While the above is not only wrong but false, the point is, why would anyone believe this?

Without doubt, these are the people who haven’t played Runescape back in the day and aren’t familiar with the ‘’doubling money’’ scammers.


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How To Overcome Strip CRYPTO Scam

For most of us that may be gullible to believing that what s seen on the explorer, here is it.

Scammers will often send themselves transactions to build up the address’s history and make it look like other people are sending money and getting it back.

But don’t worry if you fell for it because everyone falls for a scam at one point.

TNG said,

“It took me 29 years but I sent £155 over bank transfer to someone thinking I would get a GPU back (Gumtree) it was someone using an international online only bank, I never stood a chance. Let me guard down because I thought “a pc gamer would never scam another pc gamer” very foolishly. When you are in a non-mainstream community, you assume all our friends and there is no ill will. Keep investing and be more careful in the future”.


Take note because you might see garbage on Twitter all the time. They take a popular account, recreate it to look almost identical and then spew this crap with hundreds of replies to make it look legit. Sometimes they set up websites for it as well.

Almost no one gives away anything for free unless it’s worth pennies or they’re scamming you. Especially these send us your money first bits, then you’ll get more back.

Here is the scam LTC Explorer —

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