The Result So Far: A Review of One of our Top Coins to Invest In 2019

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You know, it is interesting when a crypto project has her community at heart. I am talking about Ripple.

I know that you actually know, but just to affirm it, nobody on the level of professionalism, business etiquette, or wheeling and dealing with the big boys in crypto space as the team at Ripple — a crypto enthusiast said.

For me, it is not just Ripple. the T.R.X team is there…

I am also aware you’ve heard their partnership strength at 200. I mean, the Ripple Net Surpassed 200 Customers Worldwide.

Be it as it may, we are not reviewing Ripple as one of our top coins to buy in 2019 today. Just so you know, one factor that has made XRP stand out is that XRP market dominance has gained dramatically.

The Coin to look at today is Tron. :roll:

Where is our review from? Top hot cryptocurrencies to invest & hold in 2019

Known as another version of Ethereum. Hmmm. Well, it was, but they have come in smartly. Want to know how and the reasons? Stick along then.

Note: this review was done Jan 10, 2019, we are yet to include February till now, meaning it shall be updated. Of course we know QKC & MDA all made more than 100% profits.

How Tron Fitted in and Became a Major Coin

Having followed Justin sun closely, I knew his capabilities in terms of the connection and eagerness to make Tron a major coin. Just recently, Ethereum Vitalik welcomed him in for coming to terms with proof of stake.

The Strength of Tron since our recommendation

The following will show you all the forces Tron has engaged to stand out as a major coin as other big projects.

#1. ABCC Exchange‏ Enlist & Growth

The price of Tron has been surging rapidly even on ABCC!

In the words of ABCC exchange, “this is a testament to the good news we have been hearing from Tronfoundation recently.

When we thought that was all, we learned that they are currently working with Tron to list TRC-20 and TRC-10 on ABCC Exchange!

#2. TRON (TRX) margin trading was listed on Okex Exchange.

There is no doubt that Okex is one of the major crypto exchanges which has successfully listed New Token Pairs for (TRX/USDT、TRX/BTC).

As reported by Okex,
“We will make the following changes at 5 am Jan 10, 2019 (CET, UTC+1) in order to provide you a better trading experience:

1. The launch of spot margin trading for the pairs TRX/USDT and TRX/BTC (3x Leverage).
2. Support of TRX for OK PiggyBank”

#3 Tron on Bithumb

The giant crypto exchange Bithumb, having listed Tron made an announcement that (#TRX), was up 10.98% during the 24 hours trading as of Jan 8.

Just as I told us, Tron made it from 400 to 530 Sats via Collaborations, so, we are just about to see more as far as they work more like Ethereum. Meaning that they will want to prove their worth.

As reported by CoinTelegraph, TRON gained the first chief compliance officer with SEC background. What does that tell about the project? A major reason why Coinbase may list it soonest, right?

In case you wanna see more collaborations and why it is going far, see below.

#1. Choax Exchange partners with Tron.

#2. Dapps has listed Tron.

#3. Tron Partners with more Developers

As a result of the above, TronGoo had taken the throne in less than 5 days.

A huge congratulations for breaking records and becoming the #1 gaming DApp in volume (#2 in users) across all blockchains. It’s been a pleasure for #TRONArcade to work with developers’ @WorldWarGoo and @FarmTron on this project.

#4. Bittorrent Partners with Tron.

How Our Tron Recommendation Fared

After our due diligence analytics analyzing all the factors that can make a coin surge which we later came out with a conclusion that Tron was surely one of them.

Although we did not conclude that it will take just some few days for Tron to come this far. Our expectation was on Q1. Be it as it may, it is done. Tron has made it even before Q1.

Tron Review

Below is the former Stat before our recommendation as at 28th Dec, 2018.

Below is the latest Stat as at 10th January 2019

The above is the first result based on our recommendation.

Tron Analytics

Our Recommendation Date — December 28, 2018

Buying Zone:

Tron started at 0.00000504 Sats at 12 am, and dipped to 0.00000493 as at 2 am. And by 12 noon it was a good point to enter a trade (buy) at 0.00000498.

Selling Zone:

For those that wanted to take 50% of their investment, Tron went on to 0.00000650 and 0.00000730 which would have been a good return of investment. However, as of the time of writing, Tron went to an ATH of 0.00000863 Sats.

Result — from 0.00000498 to 0.00000863

What is the % gain? You can check that out for discretion purpose.

Therewith, let’s see what your potential ROI: using our own specifics now.

Result — from 0.00000498 to 0.00000863

Tron ROI Specifics as at January 10th, 2018

(The following are based on our recommendation as at 28th Dec, 2018)


If you had invested about $500 in Tron 12 days ago, your ROI today would be $852.67

In = $500

Out = $852.67

Net Return = $352.67


If you had invested about $1,000 in Tron 12 days ago, your ROI today would be $1705.34

In = $1,000

Out = $1705.34

Net Return = $705.34


If you had invested about $5,000 in Tron 12 days ago, your ROI today would be $8,658.00

In = $5,000

Out = $8658.00

Net Return = $3,658

That is how to act safe and earn smartly in cryptocurrency. ;-)

Although our analytics was bent on Quarter 1, there you have it, just 12 days from time of investment the results are bountiful.


Further Analytics


We are coming up with a massive project that 97% of us won’t ever discover that it exists nor will the Pro investors tell you. I know what it means to lose out based on risking hundreds of $$ dollars for premium add-ons.

About this Project,

Unlike TRON that needed a shift of 365 Sats to make the above ROI. The coin we are doing an analytics won’t need to move 20 Sats to make you rich: it will be lesser — 5 -10 will be okay. 8-O


You don’t need to be because like the Tron Analytics, we shall show you step-by-step with visuals and all there is you have to know.

Yeah, I mean it and the Pro will never tell you so that you do not know what they know. But the good news is, expect it soon from us.

Final Thoughts

Tron is a great project.

With the transaction volume of #TRON GAME exceeding 2M $TRX! And the mining which started at 21:00 (Sydney time) January 7, 2019, Divs will start once TGAME mined at every 1M, there should be 300M $TRX at the moment.

I do not see any market strategy engaged by Tron except one which Coinbase used to become what it is today.

It was still this same factor that drove the coins from a mere struggling 340+ to all-time-high (ATH) of about 800+ just today — 10th January, 2018.

With an increased community of 1 Million holders and a global ranking of 9, to end it all among numerous reasons, it is worthy to note that Tron — Justin Sun has submitted Proposal #15 to allow the TRC-10 token transfer in smart contract, which will be effective on 1/11/2019 8:00 PM(UTC).

I can’t get it enough because just about 1 hour ago (as of the time of writing, see what happened) -

#TRX will be launched on @BTEX_COM, a global cryptocurrency contracts exchange, providing multiple types of perpetual contracts.

Meaning, #TRONICS can deposit on Jan 13, trade TRX/USDT on Jan 14, and withdraw on Jan 16(SGT).

All right…Thank you for coming. out. Follow us on Twitter just to get along.

Where to buy Tron?

You can get it on over 160+ Exchanges. But we use Binance in case you want to check it out.



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